Battery Systems

Considering Batteries? You Have Options for Off-Grid & Battery-Backup.

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Off-Grid Solar requires technical expertise that Brilliant Solar & Electric can provide to help you design a system to meet your needs.

There are lots of reasons to consider going off-grid – living a lifestyle in alignment with your environmental values, cutting ties to the grid and a lifetime of utility bills, and/or to save money when building a new house that is a long distance from the closest utility lines.

Off-Grid Solar System in Cortez, CO
This 13 kW Off-Grid Solar System in Cortez, CO features Outback Power components and a backup Generac Generator. It offers the homeowners 4 days of autonomy for their 2000 square foot energy efficient home.


Brilliant Solar & Electric is a licensed installer of Generac PWRcell systems, which provide backup power when the grid is down. This photo and more information can be found at

Batteries can be a great fit for your project if you want to minimize disruptions when the power is out!

Brilliant Solar & Electric is a Generac PWRcell contractor, and we’d be happy to discuss this product, and other options, with you. Please give us a call to find out more about going with a battery-backup system for your solar project.

Please see this information, and more, at the Generac PWRcell website, or in their consumer brochure.

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