“Allen Riling did a beyond-excellent job installing our new boiler – he gets 12 stars on a scale of 1-10.  He is honest, lives a life of integrity, [personally and professionally], is very knowledgeable, skilled and more than capable of doing complex plumbing and electrical work, including solar systems [he helped build and has maintained our thermal and PV systems for some years].  As a master [licensed] electrician and with the experience and the skills of a master plumber and builder, he excels at what he does. With his excellent and timely communication skills, well-read/well-rounded life experience and amicable/outgoing personality, he delivers  unusually good results with solar systems, plumbing, electrical and construction.  I highly recommend him and would have him back in a heartbeat.”

Guy Lawson

I was in over my head with a couple of small electrical projects I had intended to do myself. The decision to hire a pro was the hardest part!

Allen from Brilliant repaired my three-way light switch and installed an exterior outlet in a jiffy. They not only work perfectly, but he was very mindful of details so they look great too! Allen is very professional, practical, and easy to work with.

Margaret Babiarz